Plastic sucks...

As you know, plastic is a disaster.

Plastic is present everywhere, it is a real problem for our planet (and for us, by the way). It really pisses us off.

As you know, it is very difficult, if not impossible, to recycle plastic. Today, we unfortunately find plastic waste everywhere on land and in the oceans.
The appalling and frightening fact is that around 9 million tonnes of plastic are dumped into the oceans every year, resulting in the loss of 100,000 marine mammals each year (source).

How sad...

At SWEATEEE, we are really sensitive to the ecological issue and we think that we each have a contribution to make.
The protection of our beloved planet, which is unfortunately far from being in great shape, is such an important task...

As a result, we have decided to ship all our products without plastic.
The products are packaged in nice top quality recyclable cardboard sleeves or, depending on the size of the product, in soft sleeves made of recycled material.
Even the paper used to print your slips is environmentally friendly.

This is a subject that was close to our hearts, and we are proud to be able to respect our values ​​also in our professional life.

SWEATEEE - Original Designs on Premium Organic Sweatshirts, Hoodies and T-shirts Proudly Printed in France delivered in Free Plastic Packaging

The packages we send to our customers are both environmentally friendly and beautiful.

We take great care of your orders.

We mainly use several types of packaging, depending on the product:

- Rigid envelopes made of recyclable cardboard, with FSC label, climate neutral.

- Flexible envelopes made of 100% recycled and recyclable kraft paper.

it was inconceivable for us nowadays to send our parcels in plastic bags, because today the smallest action has inevitably consequences on the environment.

Our Mission